Texas Should Not Have Executed Robert Pruett

Update: Robert Pruett was executed by lethal injection on Thursday.
Robert Pruett is scheduled to be executed by the State of Texas Thursday. He has never had a chance to live outside a prison as an adult. Taking his life is a senseless wrong that shows how badly the justice system fails juveniles.
Mr. Pruett was 15 years old when he last saw the outside world, after being arrested as an accomplice to a murder committed by his own father. Now 38, having been convicted of a murder while incarcerated, he will be put to death. At a time when the Supreme Court has begun to recognize excessive punishments for juveniles as unjust, Mr. Pruett’s case shows how young lives can be destroyed by a justice system that refuses to give second chances.
Mr. Pruett’s father, Sam Pruett, spent much of Mr. Pruett’s early childhood in prison. Mr. Pruett and his three siblings were raised in various trailer parks by his mother, who he has said used drugs heavily and often struggled to feed the children. Wh…

More drug dealers to be shot dead: Indonesia's National Narcotics Agency chief

National Narcotics Agency (BNN) chief Comr. Gen. Budi Waseso said that investigators would continue to shoot on site suspected drug dealers who refused to surrender.
“People said that the BNN cannot shoot on the spot. Why not?” he said at Merdeka Square in Medan, North Sumatra, on Thursday.
According to the BNN, 15,000 Indonesians die every year because of drugs. Budi said that because of this statistic, "stern actions" against drug dealers were justifiable.
The majority of drug dealers, Budi said, were repeat offenders after serving prison terms.
“There are too few drug dealers who are dead, while they have killed thousands of people,” he said.
Therefore, Budi emphasized that he would not care about criticism against the policy to shoot on site suspected drug dealers.
He encouraged all BNN officers across Indonesia to not hesitate to shoot suspects on the spot.
Medan Metropolitan Police chief Sr. Comr. Sandi Nugroho said there were 42 suspects who were shot dead by the poli…

Man in Killing of Navajo Nation Girl Set to Be Sentenced

A man who pleaded guilty to murder and sexual assault in the death of an 11-year-old girl on the largest American Indian reservation is set to be sentenced.
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A man who pleaded guilty to the murder and sexual assault in the death of an 11-year-old girl on the largest American Indian reservation is set to be sentenced.
Tom Begaye is scheduled Friday to receive life in prison for the May 2016 killing on the Navajo Nation that prompted calls to expand the Amber Alert system and the death penalty to U.S. tribal communities.
Begaye, 28, was arrested on May 4, 2016, on allegations that he kidnapped Ashlynne Mike and her brother from near their Lower Fruitland home and drove them to an area about 6 miles south of the Shiprock pinnacle.
At the pinnacle, Begaye is accused of sexually molesting Ashlynne Mike and bludgeoning her to death with a tire iron, according to court documents.
Ian Mike was released and found several hours later wandering along Navajo Route 13 by a …

Pakistan: Man gets death penalty for murdering niece

DERA GHAZI KHAN: A court awarded death sentence to a murder convict in Dera Ghazi Khan. 
The judgment was announced by District and Sessions Judge Chaudhry Munir ahmed.
The prosecution told the court that accused Nazeer Ahmed had gunned down his niece Najma Bibi over a family dispute.
The local police registered a case against the accused and presented the challan before the court. After hearing the arguments, the judge handed down death sentence to Nazeer Ahmad and imposed a fine of Rs0.5 million on the convict.
The court also ordered that the convict would have to undergo an additional six months imprisonment if he failed to pay the fine amount.
Murderer gets death sentence
Earlier, a court awarded death sentence to an accused for his involvement in a murder case in Sargodha.
The judgment was announced by Additional Sessions Judge Irfan Ahmed Sheikh. Convict Jabir Hussain, a resident of Khushab, had killed his wife Nasira Parveen and sister-in-law Shahida Parveen over a family dispu…

Texas high court rejects death penalty appeal in 1992 quadruple drug-related homicide

The state's highest criminal court this week split over whether a ballistics expert's testimony was material to a 1992 Harris County death penalty verdict.
In a ruling handed down Wednesday, the Court of Criminal Appeals denied 47-year-old Arthur Brown a new trial or new sentencing phase because a Houston police analyst overstated the proof that two guns connected to Brown were involved in the shooting of six people during a drug deal 25 years ago.
The high court, with a single judge dissenting, said the analyst's possibly inaccurate testimony was not material to the jury's decision.
Appeals Judge Elsa Alcala authored the dissent,  writing that she agreed with former Harris County District Judge Mark Kent Ellis who ruled that the firearms evidence introduced at Brown's trial was false or misleading.
"I agree with the (trial) court's determination that this evidence was not only false or misleading but also material," she said. Alcala wrote that she wo…

Alabama executes Torrey Twane McNabb

Following last-minute court challenges, Alabama carried the execution Thursday evening of Torrey Twane McNabb, convicted of killing Montgomery police officer Anderson Gordon in 1997.
McNabb's attorneys filed appeals in the case throughout Thursday to halt the execution that was set for 6 p.m. at the Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore. the last stay was lifted between 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. McNabb's official time of death was 9:38 p.m.
Gordon's family issued a statement after the execution.
"Over 20 years ago we lost a companion, a father a brother and a friend who only wanted to make a difference in his community. Brother, who we affectionately called him, worked to make a difference in his community until his life was taken from him," the statement read in part. "Though this has been a difficult day for the Gordon family, we also continue to pray for the family of Torrey McNabb."
McNabb's final words were as follows:
"Mom, sis, look at my ey…

U.S. Supreme Court to consider Torrey McNabb Alabama execution

The fate of an inmate convicted of murdering a Montgomery police officer 20 years ago is in the hands of the nation’s highest court.
The Alabama Attorney General’s Office Wednesday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to allow Thursday’s scheduled execution of Torrey McNabb to go forward, arguing the inmate has failed to show that a challenge to the state’s method of execution is likely to succeed.
“(McNabb) offered no new evidence in support of his request for a stay, essentially relying on the same allegations, expert reports, and deposition excerpts that he attached to his complaint and that have been part of the record for some time,” lawyers for the Attorney General’s Office wrote.
If the high court lifts the lower court’s stay, officials will execute McNabb, 40, on Thursday evening. McNabb’s attorneys argue that should not take place before a federal district court holds hearings on the inmates’ challenge.
McNabb shot Montgomery police officer Anderson Gordon III on Sept. 24, 1997 while…

The Execution Dock in London was used for more than 400 years to execute pirates, smugglers & mutineers

Even though the Execution Dock in London is long gone, the gallows are still maintained to this very day on the Thames foreshore by the Prospect of Whitby public house.
The Execution dock was used for 400 years up until 1830. 
It was used to execute all seagoing criminals, including pirates, mutineers, and smugglers. 
The dock was nothing more than scaffolding used for hangings and was located beside the shoreline of the River Thames at Wapping.
The British Admiralty oversaw all crimes committed on the water, and also doled out the sentences to the criminals. The dock was used as a symbol for their jurisdiction; it was placed just beyond the low-tide mark in the river.
You could not outrun the long arm of the law, they did not care if you committed the crimes in their waters or abroad; you would be brought back to London and tried by the High Court of the Admiralty.
They doled out Capital Punishment to acts of mutiny that resulted in death, for murder on the sea and very specific viol…

Oklahoma business, municipal and energy groups ask federal court to reconsider death penalty decision from ‘Indian Country’

The U.S. Department of Justice along with the state of Oklahoma and a number of state business and energy groups are asking a federal appeals court to rehear a state death penalty case that earlier this year after a panel of judges ruled that a state court did not have jurisdiction over the case.
On Aug. 8, a three-judge panel for the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Patrick Dwayne Murphy, who was convicted of first degree murder in 2000 in McIntosh County and subsequently sentenced to death, should have been tried in federal court rather than state court since Murphy is an American Indian and the crime occurred within the tribal boundaries of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.
Crimes committed by or against American Indians on what is considered “Indian Country” fall under federal or tribal jurisdiction.
The panel ruling, which reversed an earlier Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals ruling in the case, stated that the Muscogee Creek Nation’s reservation was never officially dis…

Media to appeal judge's ruling denying them access to execution-drug information

A media coalition filed notice Tuesday that it will appeal a federal judge's September ruling dismissing arguments that it had a First Amendment right to information about execution drugs used by the Arizona Department of Corrections and the qualifications of its executioners.
In his ruling, U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow informed the media outlets, which include the Guardian, the Associated Press, The Arizona Republic, KPNX/12News, KPHO/Channel 5 and the Arizona Daily Star, that they had a First Amendment right to report on the issues, but the DOC did not have an obligation to turn over the information.
Among the concerns listed by Snow was a belief that identifying companies that provide drugs makes them targets for anti-death-penalty advocates and discourages them from selling the drugs to state departments of corrections.
Execution by lethal injection has repeatedly been deemed constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.
Similar arguments were already dismissed in District C…

USA: A Long Decline in Executions Takes a Detour

Recent court rulings and start-stop access to lethal drugs push numbers up this year.
For years, the number of prisoners put to death in the United States has been in decline. That is still true, but with a wrinkle: this year will be the 1st since 2009 in which there were more executions than the year before. The grim milestone will likely be crossed on Wednesday night, when Anthony Shore [Oct. 18 update: Anthony Shore's execution has been rescheduled to January 2018] is scheduled to be executed in Texas. Unless the courts intervene, it will be the 21st execution of the year, 1 more than last year. 8 others are scheduled through the end of the year.
Why does this matter? The upswing does not suggest that executions are likely to become more common, but it does grow out of recent courtroom battles. Chief among them is a big victory that the Supreme Court gave to state officials back in 2015. Officials had been looking for new drugs to use in lethal injections, and fighting to keep …